Birdshot Day Sponsorship Update

This is just to let you know that the next Birdshot Day is planned for Saturday 3rd March, 2012 – starting at about 10.30 a.m. and finishing about 4.30 p.m. It is going to be held at the Grange Hotel, St Pauls, London which has a fabulous 5 star conference venue. This has been generously donated by one of the BUS members – we have such amazing members!

Our sponsorship efforts are going well. We have already received a promise of generous sponsorship from Optos who are going to be bringing their wonderful imaging machine along as well as core sponsorship from Friends of Moorfields. We are very grateful for this as it provides us with a really good start. We are working hard to get further funds together so that the costs of lunch and refreshments can be covered. Anybody out there who can tell us where we might get some more sponsorship from?

If you haven’t done so already please put the date of 3 March 2012 in your diaries. We hope the Day will be a really special one for people with Birdshot, their family members and healthcare professionals involved in the care of people with Birdshot.

We have listened to your feedback and will be building on last year’s experience. We hope to be able to take forward the proposal of collecting blood and DNA from patients and family members for research purposes although time might just defeat us as the hoops you have to jump through to allow bloods and DNA to be taken outside of a hospital setting and with a group of patients who do not have their consultants there are quite overwhelming. There is a ton of bureaucracy to get through as well as a considerable logistical problems to overcome. But we remain optimistic. We will also be organising a range of amazing speakers, and, as requested, we will be allowing plenty of time for socialising and networking with other fellow Birdshotters!

Please drop us an email at if you are interested in coming and we will send you the registration forms once they are available. We are hoping that this Birdshot Day will be even better than the last, which needless to say was an enormous success!

3 thoughts on “Birdshot Day Sponsorship Update

  1. Registration docs for 2 persons for the Birdshot day on 3rd March 12 please:

    Also, you ask for ideas re raising funds? Have you applied for a lottery grant? I worked for the Pituitary Foundation for several years and we achieved 2x grants for well over £100.000 . Definitely worth a try. Also, should we have registered for the Support day on Saturday 22nd October? Colin and I are coming along.

    • Gail and Colin we look forward to seeing you and we can talk about lottery funding/how we go about it etc when we meet. All ideas and help are really welcomed. Your places for the Birdshot Day are reserved. Thank you!

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