Publicity resources:

We would be pleased if you can help us publicise the Birdshot Uveitis Society for us.

Please contact BUS if you would like copies of any of our publicity material. If you would like to print your own copies, please click on the links below. This helps save valuable resources and reduces BUS costs on postage and printing.

General leaflet

BUS leaflet 2018 as a pdf file about Birdshot Uveitis Society – in black and white, suitable to be printed on a computer at home.

Picture of BUS leaflet

Publicity Poster

Publicity poster for display in eye clinics,  hospitals, opticians, doctors surgeries etc.  These are best printed in colour.

Corporate fundraising brochure

Corporate fundraising brochure briefly explaining the Birdshot Uveitis Society’s objectives and work.     Please contact us if you would like to receive copies to assist with promotion and fundraising for us.  They are  a pocket sized 4 fold leaflet.  Also available as a PDF file.