Clinical Trial on Ustekinumab

A single-centre pilot study is being undertaken in the United States to investigate the safety, tolerability and potential efficacy of subcutaneous injections of ustekinumab for uveitis.  The hope is, that if this drug works, it will have fewer side effects than the current protocol of steroids and immunosuppressants.

Ustekinumab is a human monoclonal antibody and is classed as a  ‘biologic’ drug.  It is currently used for people with psoriasis and some other conditions.

The study is due to complete in June 2013.  If this drug is effective, we will have yet another potential drug for Birdshot, for those people who find it hard to tolerate steroids and immunosuppressants.

One thought on “Clinical Trial on Ustekinumab

  1. Brilliant news – looking forward to hearing more about this drug
    wondered when something new would be available for us hard to treat.


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