More about Birdshot from the experts

The following audio clips come from the Birdshot Day held in September.    They include talks by three of our ophthalmologists experts as well as a short introduction to Birdshot by Rea (patient expert).   We also hope to have all of these available as part of a DVD that is currently being produced.

Rea Mattocks (patient expert) introduces the Birdshot Day (3 mins) and talks about the effect that Birdshot can have on vision, (see above a photographic interpretation of what a person with birdshot might see).

What is Birdshot? symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis, who is prone to Birdshot and why (18 mins)

Professor Miles Stanford – Guys and St Thomas’s, London

Tests and Monitoring of Birdshot (17 mins)

Mark Westcott – Moorfields Eye Hospital, London and Barts and London, London

Current Treatments for Birdshot (18 mins)

Carlos Pavesio – Moorfields Eye Hospital, London

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  1. very good thought i was only one with disease had to stop my driving career which has been the only career ive had since being 21 iam now 53 and feel im on scrap heap with no prospects for the future i am under severe deppresion and having to see a psychiatrist. i was told by hospital i was fit to drive but have left my job as aP.C.V driver and driving instructer as i also suffer from dry eye which causes severe burning pain and leads me to distraction which no amount of eye drops will cure

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