Reasonable adjustment for VI at work?

Following on  from Adrian’s article  entitled “Coming out at Work” about  the Disability at Work Act, we came across this piece of research being done by David Griffiths.  He is looking for visually impaired people who are prepared to be interviewed over the telephone and are  interested in helping out with his research on this topic.  If you are, he can be emailed at:-

“What I am looking for is an opportunity to have some completely confidential phone calls with people, though I am happy to visit with my support worker if that would be preferable. I can provide more detailed information including how I guarantee confidentiality separately if necessary.

The overall research question I want to ask is How Reasonable is Reasonable Adjustment for Visually Impaired Employees?

The phone call will be a discussion rather than a questionnaire. I will be asking people to talk generally around topics . So I will rarely ask a direct question but instead say things like – Tell me about your reasonable adjustment arrangements? Or what sorts of things would make it easier for you to provide a good reasonable adjustment arrangement for your staff?

These answers from all the volunteers will help me later answer some more specific research questions like:-

  • What is the influence of RA (Reasonable Adjustment) on Recruitment opportunities ?
  • Do RA arrangements in employment work well?
  • What makes a good RA arrangement?
  • Do RA arrangements persist over time?
  • How are they reviewed?
  • What happens when problems arise or things go wrong?
  • What are the important but small things that can go wrong?
  • Would it be helpful to include review of RA arrangements in Health and Safety Risk Assessment?
  • How will the new duty to prevent Indirect discrimination affect RA arrangements?
  • What are the Human Rights implications for RA.

There are other areas but as I say it is unlikely that I will ask these questions directly and baldly but instead pick up points from general discussion. I want to encourage a free flow rather than formal question and answer sessions.

This year I am starting with 3 groups.

1. People with visual impairment who have had experience of RA for more than months. I have a limited number of volunteers in this category but need more.

2. Managers and HR providers of RA arrangements. I am desperately short of volunteers in this category, which I intend to work on this year.

3. Unemployed people with Visual Impairment who have tried to access employment over the last 6 months. I have some limited volunteers but need more.

I would be absolutely delighted if any of you would allow me the time to talk to you on the phone either as a Manager, HR Professional, or employee.

I am flexible and can ring either during the day or the evening.

I can send out information on a CD also if you would like more information.

For information during the next few years I will be interviewing further groups.

These will include interviews with Job Centre Plus services, including Access to Work administrators and assessors, Health and Safety Reps as well as Trade Union Equality Reps will be approached. There will be a separate project looking at formal enforcement systems, including observation of Tribunals, (already piloted ), interviews with legal reps, and observation if possible of mediation sessions.”

This information was brought to us by “Inclusion London”

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  1. i would be prepared to be interviwed on this subject as i have a visual impairment uveitis and secondary glaucoma: i have also asked for reasonable adjustments and and

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