About BUS

BUS is a charity and support group set up in 2009  by  two people with birdshot chorioretinopathy (birdshot uveitis) for people with birdshot chorioretinopathy.  It was founded because of these individuals’ personal experience. The initial objective was to raise the profile of the rare eye condition and help support people with birdshot (birdshotters).

Since that time, BUS has grown and developed.  The charity currently has three trustees and directors, as follows:

  • Annie Folkard – founding member with responsibility  for the website and support
  • John Hall – with responsibility for the annual fundraising shoot
  • Peter Edney – the BUS accountant

BUS has helped establish the National Birdshot Research Network.  The Network is an affiliation of interested uveitis clinicians and patients who are committed to developing a new national research strategy for this sight-threatening condition that affects an estimated 600 patients across the UK.

BUS also has a Standing Advisory Committee, which is a smaller group of uveitis experts and patients that provides professional advice and assistance to the charity.

BUS is also a partner charity with Fight for Sight in their Joint Small Grants initiative, raising money for birdshot research via activities like the Fight for Sight Carrots Nightwalk.

BUS has now established a core membership of over 1,000 including birdshotters, family and friends and professionals working in the field of birdshot.  BUS has strong links with sister birdshot organisations in the US.  BUS supports birdshotters across the world as well as in the UK.

Revised April 2023