Outside useful links

Uveitis Links

  • ARVO– Association of Research in Vision and Ophthalmology based in the USA
  • Inflam’oeil – This is a french information support group for people with uveitis.   They have regular meetings for patients which are held in Paris.
  • International Uveitis Study Group– The IUSG comprises researchers and clinicians who are commited to stimulate, encourage, and intensify a concerted effort in research and clinical management of uveitis, with the goal of developing new methods for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of blindness
  • Patiëntengroep Uveïtis  This is a dutch  website for people with uveitis, including birdshot uveitis.
  • The Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Foundation– Dr Foster started the Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Foundation, for the purpose of research and education in ocular immunology and ocular inflammatory diseases.   It is full of information about uveitis, support groups and medical research paper.
  • Uveitis Study Group

Vision Links

  • Amsler Grid– An amsler grid is useful for testing your central vision.
  • Ask Doctor Foster– Stephen Foster is a doctor based in Boston who answers questions on-line. Because of where it is based it has a US slant. Dr Foster responds quickly and is prepared to collaborate with your specialist if necessary.
  • Calibre Audio Library   brings the pleasure of reading to people who have sight problems, dyslexia or disabilities that prevent them reading print through a subscription-free nationwide postal and internet service of audio books. We offer a choice of over 10,000 titles, fiction and non-fiction, recorded unabridged by professional actors and broadcasters.
  • Fight for Sight  –  a specialist eye research charity who’s mission is to stop sight loss in its tracks.  BUS works in partnership with Fight for Sight raising funds for jointly funded research work into birdshot uveitis.
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind– You don’t need to have lost your sight, or to be registered as blind or partially-sighted for Guide Dogs to help you. You just need to have sight loss that makes it difficult to get around independently or live life to the fullest.
  • RNIB – Royal National Institute of Blind People is a leading UK charity offering information, support and advice people who have a vision problem.  They have a useful directory that can be found at:- http://www.sightlinedirectory.org.uk/