BUS does not officially recommend or endorse any particular dietary, alternative or complementary treatments or exercise regimes. 

No claims for health benefits are intended or implied in the contents of the diet, exercise, sleep, supplements, vitamins and minerals sections of the BUS website.

Alternative dietary regimes and strategies should not be used instead of your prescribed medication and your regular eye clinic checks.Always consult your doctors before starting any new dietary or lifestyle regime.

Exercise helps to reduce stress levels, which improves your general well-being and your ability to cope with the effects of having birdshot and its treatments. 

The exercise and relaxation tips here may be things you are already doing. If so, you should aim to continue them, but if not, they are worth considering, as they may help you to regain and retain a sense of balance in your life as well as contributing to your good health.

  • Move often – regular exercise may reduce the body’s levels of inflammatory chemicals 
  • If you are not used to exercise, get your eye doctor’s approval and start slowly, aiming for at least 30 minutes of exercise a day
  • Make time for regular exercise. This could be anything from a walk, cycling or swimming to simple stretching exercises, or joining a movement and exercise class
  • Sporting activities can generally be enjoyed without problems. Avoid extreme exercise, such as weightlifting with very heavy weights, bungee jumping and similar high acceleration activities, as these may put your eyes at risk of damage
  • Exercise does not always have to be vigorous. Activities such as Pilates, t’ai chi and qi gong are helpful in reducing stress
  • Make time to include some relaxation in each day. As well as the more obvious relaxations of favourite hobbies or pastimes, this might be the time to try yoga or meditation exercises which may benefit your immune system as well as helping you relax 
  • Immunosuppressant medications make your skin more sensitive to light and can increase the risk of developing skin cancers. Cover up as much as possible when exercising outdoors and use a high-factor sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage

Text copied February 2024 from UK version of Birdshot Survival Guide, 2018