BUS Factsheets

These factsheets are provided in PDF format so that they can easily be printed out or saved to your computer.

The BUS factsheets have all been checked by medical professionals.


  1. About Birdshot chorioretinopthay, full version
  2. About birdshot choriotetinopathy, short version
  3. Dexa (DXA can – measuring bone density
  4. Electroretinography (ERG) testing
  5. What is an OCT scan?
  6. Immunosupression and lifestyle 
  7. Biologics and biosimilars: what’s the difference?
  8. Folic acid and methotrexate : some Q&As Factsheet  Q&As

Patient Information factsheets

(also available as audio recordings and PDF’s for printing or saving). These patient information factsheets are linked to Patient UK website.



Below are links to leaflets which have been produced by Moorfields Eye Hospital which you may find helpful.

Posters used at the first Birdshot Day 2010

Below are links to posters designed by Moorfields Eye Hospital staff.  We are very grateful to the staff for preparing these specially for the first Birdshot Day.  The posters on medicines summarise some of the side-effects and drug or food interactions for each medicine.

The poster on ERG testing gives more information about the test and explains what is involved, using diagrams and photographs.

Updated May 2022