Our very own text book!

This is a recently published text book about Birdshot by Dr Stephen Foster. It’s available from Amazon in the UK. The content is based on material from the first Birdshot conference held in Boston in 2008 which Rea and I went to.  It is available from Amazon. Birdshot Retinochoroidopathy and you can take a look inside the book there and see the type of material it contains.

One thought on “Our very own text book!

  1. If you go to Amazon you can take a ‘Look Inside!’. In the introduction it mentions how Birdshot was first reported in 1949 and described as ‘… en Taches de bogie… which is translated as ‘as bogie spots’. It should be ‘… en taches de bougies…’ which translates as candle wax spots, which is much nicer methinks.

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