Cellcept – goes generic

Instead of the usual purple white and black pack, that I pick up every month from my friendly local chemist I was greeted today by a white,orange and lurid green one.  Its called Myfenax, and apparently the ingredients are identical to Cellcept.  Jay, my pharmacist had told me when when I dropped off my prescription, that cellcept had gone generic and that the problem of obtaining it would now be over; but I hadn’t realised quite how quickly.  Myfenax is produced by Teva Pharma who are a dutch company, but inside the “mixed” pack I also had drugs from Dr Reddy’s Laboratories…… and  they are  an indian company based in Hyderabad, although they have a UK subsidiary marketing the drugs here.

Presumably it doesn’t matter that I will be taking three different versions of the drug!?  I see my consultant next week, so I shall be asking him what he thinks.

Anyway I suppose the good news about this development is we will no longer have to struggle to get hold of mycophenolate mofetil, and presumably now that it is generic the price will drop which has to be a good thing, because potentially we will become less expensive to treat.

We’d love to hear from anybody who knows more about this.


One thought on “Cellcept – goes generic

  1. just gone back to cellcept after being on myfenex.thank god.have lost over a stone in 9 months taking myfenex.going to poo 3/4 times a day.
    back on cellcept pooing stop over night.once a day now.i will rather lose my kidney transplant than take that devil pill myfenex.

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