‘Clusters’ of Birdshotters? Your help please

With more Birdshotters registering on BUS, we are beginning to develop a better picture of Birdshot.  One of the interesting questions that keeps arising is whether certain geographical areas have more people with Birdshot.

At our Birdshot Day on 3 March, we were quite amazed to find two people with Birdshot from a very small town.  They were equally amazed!  We have also noticed that there are several members who live within a few miles of each other in an urban area and another ‘cluster’ in a northern city – again quite disproportionate to the probable total numbers of people with Birdshot in the UK.

We would really like to build up a more accurate picture of the geographical spread and we can only do this with your help.

We would love to have your postcode (if you have not already supplied us with it) so we can map where you live, and produce a more accurate map of the geographical location of us Birdshotters.  Your postcode will be kept totally confidential – it will only be used to help us identify your geographical location on a map.  Once we have mapped the UK, we will attempt to map other countries too, and begin to build up an international picture.

Please send your postcode to us at info@birdshot.org.uk

We thought you would be interested in seeing the google analytics map of the UK of visitors to the BUS website since September 2010. Of course, not all visits are from Birdshotters, but it certainly identifies areas where the strongest interest is.


Thank you in advance to everybody who sends us their postcode, so we can produce a realistic map of the UK to show geographical locations of people with Birdshot.  This will help to make sure research and services are targeted to meet our needs.


4 thoughts on “‘Clusters’ of Birdshotters? Your help please

  1. Hi, I am not sure if you have my postcode but it is DL2 3LD.
    Im not sure if my info is of any importance to you but I was diagnosed as a coeliac last year, so stopped eating wheat and gluten and either that or my medication has helped my eyes. It may not be related but thought I would mention it and I would be happy to talk to you if you think it f as any connection.
    Many Thanks, Cheryl

  2. Hello shotters. Have lived within 15 miles of gl4 0tn all my life. Was aware of difference in color vision from age 17, having worked on print industry for 34 years.
    I take a specific aloe drink, which was for general health, and sciatic. Amazed when my vision improved, backed up by electro physiology tests. Have reduced steroid and stopped immune suppressants. .Remains quiet.

    • Rich, it is great to hear this anecdotal information, which is backed up by positive ERG test improvement. Keep doing whatever it is that has had this positive impact on your vision.


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