Art Workshop

Artist Jenny Wright with help from medical students ran another very successful Art workshop where people drew what it was like to see with Birdshot, or for non- Birdshotters,  what they thought it might be like.

Jenny Wright feeds back her experience:-

“As always I had an amazing and humbling day. I really am not sure where to start. The medical students were lovely – so enthusiastic and helpful. It was also really nice when one of them said that I was right – they would learn so much more about the experience of patients by talking with them as they did drawings. I think one of my most treasured drawings of the day was one where both student and patient drew together on the same piece of paper.

Another really important drawing I have is made by a patient who at the last patients day could only manage to say that his image was just a black sheet of paper. This time he was able to make a drawing about the glare he had experienced.”