New Birdshot Uveitis Poster for Hospital Eye Clinics

BUS would like to support everyone who has been newly diagnosed with Birdshot.  We want them to know that BUS is here to see them through their Birdshot journey and to help them with useful information and practical advice.  BUS’s designer, David Bethell   has produced a clear, eye catching poster which should stand out well on the walls and display boards of eye clinics.

If you are prepared to be our postman to make sure that the poster gets displayed in your local eye clinic and ERG department, please let us know, and we can provide you with the poster for you to ensure it is displayed prominently in your clinic.  We know, from previous experience, that this is often a more effective way of getting the posters displayed.

You might like to ask your Optician or Doctors if they are also willing to display it. The poster’s size is A4 so it will not take up too much space on the clinics display area. You can help us to get Birdshot Uveitis better known by making sure that the poster can be seen!

Annie and Rea

2 thoughts on “New Birdshot Uveitis Poster for Hospital Eye Clinics

  1. Yes, please, for Manchester Royal Eye Hospital (maybe three copies) unless somebody else has already asked to do this for Manchester. My next visit is end August, so no rush.

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