A patients perspective – does anyone want to tell their story?

BUS have been contacted by NB Magazine (the RNIB eye health and sight loss magazine for professionals), and asked if we have any member who might be interested in writing a short article about their experience of Birdshot Uveitis (just 800 words).    This regular column features  the experiences of people with sight loss, covering a different eye condition each time, and describing what it’s like to live with the condition, the support (or otherwise) they have met with along the way, including solutions they have found helpful and what constitutes an ‘ideal world’. It is also an opportunity to feature the work of self-help groups (ie will provide publicity for Birdshot Uveitis Society) .

If there are any members of BUS who would like to do this please get in touch with us as soon as possible.  Ideally they are hoping it can be done for 11th September deadline which is short notice!   info@birdshot.org.uk

2 thoughts on “A patients perspective – does anyone want to tell their story?

  1. I realise that I am past the dealine for the RNIB, however, I have had Birdshot Chorioretinopanthy for five years. I can still see but reading is getting increasingly difficult. The medication that I take has maintained my eyesight although it does make me feel unwell. A year ago I had a heart attack. This makes me wonder about the implications of inflammation in the body.

  2. We have a volunteer who is going to write about his experience for the next edition, we hope. Christine, thanks for sharing your experience. I am glad to hear that your sight is being maintained. What you say about the medication making you feel unwell is quite a common complaint unfortunately. The heart attack is most likely something unrelated to your eye condition and medication. Sorry to hear you have that to deal with as well and we hope you are on the mend from that.

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