News from BUSNA

BUSNA = Birdshot Uveitis Society of North America

Birdshot Uveitis Society of North America (BUSNA) has had a busy first year. They celebrated their first birthday in June by releasing enhancements to their website ( designed to support fellow Birdshot patients. The enhancements include:

  • The Wellness Room a page dedicated to providing activities, sights and sounds that Birdies can use to relieve the stress the disease can cause. Readers can access links to you or ballet classes, museum tours, exercise and ;healthy diet tips and more.
  • The Canada page, where visitors can keep track of the exciting research and Birdie activity emerging there.
  • A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page where BUSNA offers a library of links to information where Birdies can find answers to some common questions
  • A research page which describes the two organizations whose Birdshot research BUSNA currently supports

In addition to website activity, BUSNA has hosted three regional online meetups to bring Birdshot patients together in a casual gathering to discuss the Birdshot journey. BUSNA plans to continue these meet ups in the Fall.

BUSNA invites all to visit and sign up for our mailing list to receive occasional email updates and notices about their accomplishments.

Christine Griffith – BUSNA July 2021