Birdshot logo

This is the fabulous logo for Birdshot Uveitis Society that member David Bethell has designed for us. David who is a graphic artist has had birdshot since September 2006. It is absolutely fantastic to have a professional artist/graphic designer helping us with this and our other publicity material. In January David has kindly agreed to work on our letterhead, leaflets and poster designs for us to get into eye clinics, so watch out for them. You can see more of David’s work on his website at

Eye new 8 (corner)If others have skills that they’d like to offer BUS, we’d be delighted to hear about them! Please do get in touch via

Happy New Year to everyone who has registered on the birdshot website and thanks so much for all the support and the enthusiastic feedback that we are getting.

Cheap Glasses

I am not at all  sure we should be advertising supermarkets like Asda particularly as they will help put high street optometrists out of business but I recently read about  this price war  they started .  Could be useful if, because of your eye problems, you are going through a phase of having to change your glasses frequently, or if like me you have a habit of losing glasses.
The newspaper reported that the supermarket giant Asda has started a price war with high street opticians by launching an ‘all-round’ price for spectacles, regardless of the complexity of the prescription. They will cost £50 for standard frames and £70 for designer frames.