Controversy of complementary therapy

This is an interesting article that I found on the OSN Super Site concerning complementary therapies for ophthalmic problems.

Whilst it does not contain any information about birdshot treatment it provides food for thought and  a reasonably balanced debate on the topic which I know many people with birdshot have an interest in.

The big problem with complementaries, is lack of proper research and trials into whether these treatments are actually  effective.  There  now appears to be some scientific evidence that the taking of certain supplements may be beneficial for people with AMD.   A trial carried out over 5 years,  is reported on,  with 4,757 individuals involved, showing that the taking of certain supplements appeared to lower the risk of progression of AMD by about 25%.

The article concludes by saying ” that  in the future, more studies, use and exploration of alternative medicines could benefit both patients and physicians by providing additional treatment options.”

Dr West, who has been involved in the studies says: “Hopefully in the future, we’ll find more things that are of benefit because they’re simple, they’re pretty well-tolerated and they’re inexpensive.”

I’m not about to throw away the immuno-suppressants that I take,  or ignore my doctors advice, but I think we should take a keen interest in these  developments in case they turn out to be useful.

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