Experience of IViG treatment?

Has any one experience of being given IViG for their Birdshot?  We have a member asking us for information about experiences with this form of treatment and how successful it has been.

It would be really interesting and helpful for us to know about individual personal experiences of IviG treatment.  It has been successfully trialled in France for Birdshot but we’d like to obtain more first hand information as, in our view there is nothing to beat that.

Thanks!  We look forward to hearing from anyone who might be able to help this member.

Annie and Rea

One thought on “Experience of IViG treatment?

  1. Although I have not had experience with IV-Ig, my mother started it last month, one treatment per day for three days. She will have her second set of treatments this week. Her insurance only approved three sets of treatments, so who knows if we will be able to continue. But, I would be happy to keep you informed after we get the results of the October tests.

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