Is green tea more than just good for you?

Some novel research has been undertaken into Green Tea.   It was published in Immunology letters 2011 May 20, and is entitled:- “Induction of regulatory T cells by green tea polyphenol EGCG.”

The study  provides evidence as to why green tea might help to modify  immune system behaviour and hopefully provides the foundation for future studies to further examine and evaluate dietary strategies to see if they might be used to help to control the immune system.

We are not sure how many of gallons of green tea you would need to consume to produce the required effect!

If you want to read more technical detail about this research, follow the link below.


We know some of our members have told us that they like to drink green tea in the hope that it might do them some good.    If you are interested in some green tea recommendations – here are some  varieties to try, courtesy of our Ozzie friend Neil who has obviously got into it in  a big way on a work trip to China.

I had a ten day aid mission to Chong Qing central China and fell ill on inward flight with shocking cold and cough.

All meetings with Chinese involved a thermos of green tea.  I found it stopped my cough so I became the green tea monitor for the duration and the Chinese thought I was a definite convert!

For variety, try japanese green tea with baked rice flavour added.

Mid level good quality green tea is called Long Jin

Personally, I hadn’t thought of it for wider use than digestion.”  Neil

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