Mike Brace & Phil Hibbert on vision loss

The inspirational Mike Brace CBE, Chief Executive of VISION 2020 (UK) talks about losing sight in one of his eyes from a firework accident when he was 12, the subsequent development of uveitis in his remaining eye, and how he has dealt with this. He vividly describes life following his sudden loss of vision at such a young age. His talk at the Birdshot Day, was greeted with enormous laughter as he is such an amusing and inspirational speaker. He explains exactly what challenges he faced, and how he never let his loss of vision hold him back from achieving. (Apologies for having to shorten this to the maximum 20 mins. It was a hard choice to decide which jokes to cut.)

Below is the Audioboo link to Phil Hibbert’s talk about his personal uveitis journey which led to him setting up the Uveitis Information Group. Phil’s uveitis onset was sudden. He was a practising dentist prior to developing uveitis, but as you will hear, it didn’t stop him from doing the things he wanted to do. The second part of Phil’s talk about setting up the Uveitis Information Group, will be featured in a subsequent post.

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