More exciting news about inflammation

The discovery of an unexpected new mechanism behind the inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis was recently reported in the Journal of Clincial Investigation JAN 25, 2011

It’s all to do with GGTase-I which is found in all cells, but is particularly important for the function of so-called CAAX proteins in inflammatory cells. Apparently GGTase-I attaches a cholesterol-like fatty acid on the CAAX proteins.

Researchers previously believed that a fatty acid played an important role in activating the proteins and could contribute to the functioning of inflammatory cells. The research has shown that they have the opposite effect to what they expected.

The researchers believe that their discovery will contribute towards a greater understanding of the mechanisms involved in inflammatory processes, and help find appropriate medication. Birdshot is believed to be an inflammatory autoimmune disease, just like rheumatoid arthritis. We have always believed that the ‘cure’ for Birdshot is most likely to come from research into one of the other more well known and more common inflammatory auto-imune diseases. Now, with the launch of the Birdshot research network, we have extended the possibilities of finding that ‘cure’!

To read more about the research into GGT-ase1, follow the link at the start of this post.

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