We have been receiving lots of enquiries about medical insurance and what it does or does not cover.  Many medical insurance plans are limited to ‘acute’ illnesses.  Do check your medical plan to see what it actually covers.

We all know that Birdshot is classed as a ‘chronic’ condition, and we know of people who have had difficulty getting their medication or repeat appointments and battery of test (OCTs, ERGs, fluorscein, DEXA, Fields, etc) covered on medical insurance that is limited to acute conditions or to a certain amount of money per condition.

If you are being seen privately, rather than of the NHS, it is really important to build up a good relationship with your consultant and have a dialogue about the sort of medical insurance you have.  If, for example, you are seeing your consultant for a flare-up, this may well be deemed an ‘acute’ episode, and your consultant needs to be saying this clearly on the medical claim form.

Your consultant should be well versed in knowing how to maximise your private health insurance – so do spend time talking to him/her.

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