Steve’s Birdshot Story

NB Magazine (the eye health and sight loss magazine for professionals,) which is published by the RNIB recently wrote to us to see if one of our members would be happy to contribute to their column called ‘Patient Perspective’ .  This features the experiences of people with sight loss – covering a different eye condition each time, and describing what it’s like living with the condition.

We are very grateful to Steve,  who is a member of BUS,  who volunteered to write about his experience with Birdshot Uveitis for us.   It’s interesting to read as Steve is being treated successfully with steroids and has not been so adversely effected by the expected side effects.  He remains very positive and the article  clearly illustrates that the “steroid experience” can vary considerably from individual to individual.   You can read his story in it’s entirety on the PDF link Living with Birdshot.  The article was first published in NB magazine in December 2012.


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