The right lighting

For  people with sight loss, good lighting and design reduces risks and increases safety, independence and quality of life.  The Macular Disease Society produce a useful leaflet about this called  Lighting Advice.

Lighting and design at home

Making the best use of lighting is important for everyone, but even more so if you have poor vision. Good lighting in the home is essential, and yet it is often overlooked.

Lighting and design for professionals and support services

The information below comes from the Pocklington Trust website  which you might like to visit  if you want more detailed information.

Improving the lighting in your home does not have to be a big or expensive job. Making small changes to light fittings by using existing electrical wiring, is a cost effective method of making appropriate adaptations to the home. Some practical hints for general lighting are outlined below:

  • Make the most of daylight by keeping windows and net curtains clean, keep curtains back from windows to let the most light through.
  • Make sure window surrounds are painted white or a light colour to reflect natural light into the room.
  • Blinds, particularly those with vertical slats, can help control the amount and direction of daylight coming into the room.
  • A good even distribution of light throughout the home is essential. Avoid shadows, dark corners and ‘pools’ of light that can cause difficulties.
  • The best way to make a room brighter is to illuminate the ceiling and top half of the walls.
  • Light coloured lamp shades provide more general light around the room than dark coloured shades.
  • Avoid lamp shades that allow people to look directly at the bulb.
  • Use a round shade as they spread light evenly, without producing a glare problem.
  • Use switches and dimmers to control the amount of light.
  • Wall lights should have a solid shade or cover to reduce glare from the light bulb.
  • Try to keep walls in a light colour as this will help reflect light around the room, giving more even lighting.

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