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As some of you are aware we have been having problems with the website, and before it actually broke, we decided we needed to rebuild it urgently. We knew that this was something that we would have to do ourselves, as  we simply didn’t have the necessary funding to pay for it. There wasn’t time to find sponsorship for this either.

Neither Rea nor I are really experts in this field, but luckily we found Tracey Rickard, (WordPress custom theme, design and website development),  via another contact,  and she kindly came to our rescue.  Unbelievably she has given a large chunk of her time to us for free, for which we are extremely grateful. She  successfully performed the upgrade for us, and we are particularly glad that we involved her as it  turned out to be a lot trickier than envisaged.  She subsequently helped with some of the styling as well.  We would certainly have struggled without her.

Apart from the visual appearance, you will notice some changes:  all information is now available to everyone. We have abandoned the members area, now that we have the Discussion Forum up and running.  (Separate registration required)

Please be reassured that you are all still safely registered on our database.    The registration process for new members to the  database is now slightly different. It will now be by email done by us, rather than by automated website software.

We will be sorting out any glitches and problems that develop as quickly as we can. Please tell us if you encounter problems as we can’t sort them out if we don’t know about them!

Normal BUS news updates should resume at the end of this week.  Watch-out for the email and make sure you have both our email addresses and, saved in your address book to be sure to receive the update.



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