Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

A Huge Thank You to Everyone who attended the Birdshot Day for patients and professionals


We so appreciated the fact that you spent your precious time not only attending the Birdshot Day, but contributing and making it such a great learning opportunity for BUS and Moorfields and all the healthcare professionals and people with Birdshot who attended.

It was really exciting for us to be able to meet so many people with Birdshot and so many professionals who cared about Birdshot and to watch the buzz generated during the networking and question opportunities. Given that this was our first attempt, we really do want to learn from it and make it even better. All the feed-back you have already given us will be analysed carefully so that we can learn from it.

However, If you have any reflections or feelings or comments or take-home messages about the day, please let us know by posting them here, or emailing us – short comments, long essays, emotional reflections, – whatever you choose to write will be gratefully received by us.

The three of us – (Rea, Annie, Narciss) had a conversation at the end of the day, and, apart from being exhausted, we were so exhilarated by being able to begin to dream that we might form a ‘Birdshot Community’ that can bring about real change in people’s lives. We were also slightly tearful – some of the tears were because it is still an emotional experience for Rea and Annie to meet others with Birdshot and exchange stories; some of the tears were to do with the genuine emotion and strength shown by both people with Birdshot and healthcare professionals.

Please, please do let us know your feelings, comments, reflections, emotions, take home messages or anything that has come to your mind since attending the Day.

Thank you all for attending and making this such a special occasion.

Rea, Annie and Narciss

5 thoughts on “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

  1. A really big thank you for Saturday. It was great to meet so many other Birdshot patients and listening to their problems with diagnosis, medication etc it made me realise just how lucky I am.

    I was unsure about whether i would attend or not as I had been going through quite a low period but am now so glad that I made the effort, it has really lifted me.

    Looking forward already to next year!

    Carole xx

  2. I cant thank you enough for saturday it was so great to finally meet and talk to others who are asking the same questions as me. i can now say that i don’t feel so alone and the day has made me feel more positive for the future. cant wait for next year!!!!.

  3. A huge well done to you all who helped organise and put the day together and also to the helpers on the day. I found it enjoyable and helpful. Having done a bit of event organising myself I know the amount of work involved. And let us not forget the sponsors. A very big thank you to them as well. Their support is much appreciated.


  4. Would like to add my thanks also…very much appreciated all the effort put into making the event so interesting and welcoming. I’m sorry that a prior committment meant my leaving before the afternoon session and promise to do better next time.
    Well done to all in this rare breed society!

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