Birdshot support groups grow

Facebook Birdshot Group

The Birdshot Uveitis Society International facebook group has become super active over the last few months.  Its membership has more than doubled with a membership of circa 150,  involved in numerous discussion threads where people are able to chat about their Birdshot, get support from others with the condition or even just have a moan!    If you haven’t visited the group and want to share information with other birdshot sufferers, you can drop in at It’s very easy to ask  and answer questions and keep in touch.   Although it  is not as private a discussion venue as the BUS Birdshot forum, (where you have to be a member and logged in to see the posts,) people seem to like the familiar facebook format.  There is real sense of camaraderie amongst a growing international community.

Birdshot Monthly Conference Calls

The US based Birdshot forum started by Dagmar many years ago, has recently moved the support site to  Dagmar has also set up regular monthly conference calls which people in US and Canada can join free of charge.  I believe it is possible for “Nightbirds” in the UK who are awake at 2.00am  to join via SKYPE, but you will need to ask Dagmar for the details.   They are on the 2nd Thursday of each month and the next few dates are:

  • 8th May 2014
  • 12th June 2014
  • 10th July 2014
  • 14th August 2014
  • 11th September 2014
  • 9th October 2014
  • 13th November 2014
  • 11th December 2014

London Social Event

The next Birdshot event in London,  UK, on Saturday 3rd May is a “social’ on the beautiful Thames Barge, The Phoenician .    So far 26 people have confirmed their attendance but we have space for a few more so it is not too late to say you would like to come.  Please contact BUS for details.  We are delighted to  have Professor Glen Jeffery coming along to give us a quick update on his research work at Moorfields, which  BUS has helped to fund.  We also hope to be able to demonstrate the handheld ERG scanner which is being used in the research trial.

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