Birdshot Uveitis Society – Registered No: 1145349

Dear All,

We are delighted to be able to inform you that we received confirmation of our registered charitable status today. Up until now we have been part of the Uveitis Information Group. The UIG is registered in Scotland and is in the process of becoming Uveitis Information Group (Scotland) and concentrating on its work within Scotland.

Birdshot Uveitis Society is now registered in England and Wales.

We will continue to work closely with the UIG scottish charity and also link where appropriate with Olivia’s Vision which many of you will already know is a new uveitis charity registered in England and Wales, and set up by a parent of a child who has uveitis. It is worth pointing out that Olivia’s Vision supports all types of uveitis – not just uveitis in children and fundraises to help increase the number of uveitis specialists. You can find our more about Olivia’s Vision on their website.

Our registration number is: Birdshot Uveitis Society – Registered No: 1145349.

We will be making changes to our website and information leaflet to reflect this change.

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Birdshot Uveitis Society

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