Write to your MPs

Both Rea and I have problems with getting our Cellcept prescriptions from time to time due to shortages of the drug at the wholesalers.  Birdshot Uveitis Society has written about this difficulty before.  Now the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry has taken it up.    This is something we should all lobby our MPs about, because  most of them are totally unaware of the difficulties we  face obtaining our  monthly prescription.

Urgent action is needed to tackle the worsening problems UK patients face when trying to receive their medicine prescriptions, according to the UK’s Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI). Continue reading

Anyone who has Dry Eyes or Blepheritis?

Having taken steroids and immunosuppressants for 5 years now, I have developed dry eyes and blepheritis.

My Blepheritis is, I believe, as a result of taking immunosuppressants and gives me itchy, red rimmed eyes. My dry eyes are caused, I believe, by the steroids (which has also given me dry skin and dry hair – what a nightmare!) and the symptoms include a constant feeling of having ‘something’ in my eye, like grit, and a greater sensitivity to glare, as well as itching and redness. Continue reading

Nurse led formal health review

Unfortuantely government cut-backs can sometimes mean that specialist uveitis nurses jobs are threatened.  These nurses can play a very important role in making sure we stay well while we are on this type of aggressive treatment.

We came across a paper on a “Nurse-led formal health review for immunosuppressed patients with uveitis” by NP Jones and M Pickford from Manchester Eye Hospital which we would whole heartedly agree with. We know from the feed-back we receive from patients with uveitis just how helpful and supportive these specialist nurses can be. Continue reading

Sponsorship for Patient day

We are very grateful to the following organisations and companies who have provided sponsorship for the Birdshot Day which we are holding on the 11th September 2010.

There are still a few places left for the day.  It is not too late to book a place.  Email us now if you want to come:- birdshot@live.co.uk!

Our grateful thanks go to:-


Experience of IViG treatment?

Has any one experience of being given IViG for their Birdshot?  We have a member asking us for information about experiences with this form of treatment and how successful it has been.

It would be really interesting and helpful for us to know about individual personal experiences of IviG treatment.  It has been successfully trialled in France for Birdshot but we’d like to obtain more first hand information as, in our view there is nothing to beat that.

Thanks!  We look forward to hearing from anyone who might be able to help this member.

Annie and Rea

Book your place at the Birdshot Day

Below is the detailed programme for the Birdshot day.  We are very excited that so many excellent expert speakers have agreed to participate at our first Birdshot Day.  This day has been organised by BUS,  Narciss Okhravi  and key people from Moorfields.  The fact that we  have been able to organise such a day is testament to the hard work and commitment of these people.


It is a great honour to be able to welcome Professor Phuc LeHoang and his colleague Dr Christine Fardeau to talk about  the latest birdshot research programme that they are carrying out in France.    We will also get the chance to hear about future developments and  will  be introducing the Pan European Birdshot Research Network to you all.    We are  most fortunate to have the help and support of  Professor Miles Stanford of Guys and St Thomas’s NHS Trust,  Mr Carlos Pavesio, Miss Narciss Okhravi and Mr Mark Westcott from Moorfields Eye Hospital, Professor Andrew Dick of Bristol Eye Infirmary and Professor Phil Murray of Birmingham University.


Book your places now.  The conference, including lunch, is free,  as we have managed to obtain sponsorship but we do require a £20 refundable registration deposit. This can paid on line here (debit and credit card & PayPal).   Please note that the payment will show that it is being made to the Uveitis Information Group.
You can also pay by cheque and information about how to do this is here.


If you are unemployed we will waive the deposit as we do not want people to be prevented from coming due to financial constraint.







Provisional Programme1

Provisional Programme BirdshotDay 30 Jly-2

The Eye Bag

In case you haven’t heard of it we’d like to tell you about  “The EyeBag” ,  the re-useable warm eye & eyelid compress designed by Yorkshire Consultant Ophthalmologist and Uveitis Specialist, Mr Teifi James.

Eye Bag Co Ltd logo

Health professionals frequently advise daily warm compresses for lots of common eye problems – Dry Eye, Blepharitis, Styes and Cysts. Hot wet flannels are ineffective and compliance is poor. The EyeBag is designed to treat these conditions. The EyeBag is a simple re-usable black and silver silk hot-compress. It is designed to be heated in a microwave for 20-30 seconds just before use and can be re-heated around 200 times. It is usually used twice a day for the first fortnight and several times a week thereafter. Stunning symptomatic improvement means happier patients with less frequent hospital visits.

You can find an EyeBag stockist near you or order online at http://www.eyebagcompany.com/

Tracey with EyeBag

This is such a simple and effective bit of kit for many people with eye problems that come with uveitis.  Blepharitis and dry eye, for example, are possible complications for people with birdshot due to a compromised immune systems.

We’re delighted to tell you about this particular product because it is effective and easy to use.  The Eye Bag company has generously sponsored  Uveitis Information Group’s work, which includes Birdshot Uveitis Society.

Thank you so much.

Annie and Rea

Clinical Trials

Recently Birdshot Uveitis Society registered on the NHS Choices site (this link takes you to the section about Uveitis) and I discovered a  link to a  list of on-going Clinical Trials.  I was quite excited at first until I realised how little appeared to be going on in the UK.

We are often asked about  clinical trials that are going on in the UK and also in the rest of the world. Sadly there are no clinical trials that relate specifically to birdshot, and hardly any current ones in the UK for uveitis.

Uveitis Information Group website has a whole section on clinical trials that you might like to read before even considering one. There is also a booklet published by the UK Clinical Research Collaboration which may be of interest to you.

Understanding Clinical Trials

Uveitis the step ladder approach

by C. Stephen Foster M.D.

This article is included by the kind permission of Professor C Stephen Foster of the Ocular  Immunology and Uveitis Foundation and Massachussettes Eye Research and Surgery Institution, Boston.   It’s mainly about appropriate treatments  for  auto-immune forms of Uveitis in the USA,  but a lot of what it says is relevant for people with Birdshot Chorioretinopathy in Britain.

“Uveitis of the eye is inflammation inside the eye, specifically affecting one or more of the three parts of the eye that make up the uvea: the iris (the colored part of the eye), the ciliary body (behind the iris, responsible for manufacturing the fluid inside the eye) and the choroid (the vascular lining tissue underneath the retina). Continue reading