Dutch Vision related Quality of Life study

Jonas Kuiper from Holland has kindly brought the following study to our attention and written the short summary below telling us more about what it found out.  We are very grateful to Jonas for keeping us briefed about the Birdshot work that he is involved in Holland.

Researchers from the Netherlands studied the associations between the vision related quality of life(QOL) scores (Survey) and treatment in 127 Dutch patients with birdshot. The study compared this QOL score and visual acuity of patients that were divided according to their treatment (No systemic treatment versus Corticosteroids versus Immunosuppressive drugs).

The researchers concluded that Birdshot has a high impact on vision related QOL and that these scores were very similar to a previous study in French patients and patients suffering from other types of non-infectious Uveitis. Interestingly, despite the wide variety of treatment used there was actually no difference in the QOL score and visual acuity among the different treatment groups.

Authors of the study: J J Kuiper,  T Missotten, S G Baarsma, A Rothova

Here is the link to the paper at pub med.:   http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23289541


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