Extramacular scanning looks promising for Birdshotters

BUS  wants to draw your attention to a link to an article about a research paper recently published and written by researchers who are coincidentally members of our National Birdshot Research Network.  The paper explains why extramacular scanning may be a helpful tool in diagnosing, and monitoring cases of Birdshot.


In conclusion  the paper says “that the OCT images obtained outside the macula often show significant retinal and choroidal changes in cases for which conventional OCT scans appear unremarkable. Use of extramacular scanning may thus allow improved phenotyping of uveitic disorders such as birdshot chorioretinopathy. Evaluation of the photoreceptor inner segment/outer segment junction, using this approach, may be of value for monitoring disease activity in clinical practice and as a surrogate end point in clinical trials.”

The authors involved in this research were:

If you want to learn more about why this type of OCT scanning is helpful for monitoring Birdshotters,  Alastair Denniston  has kindly let us have a copy of a poster that he prepared which shows this in a graphic way as a display poster.



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