Filters and Tints to stop glare

Optima Low vision Services

BUS has linked up with Optima, an organisation that produces low vision aids and equipment.  We think they may provide some useful equipment for people with Birdshot.

Annie met Mark Sturgess who works for Optima, at a Macular Disease Society day in April 2010.    Mark was particularly interested in learning about Birdshot and how it affects our vision.  He asked if he could attend the Birdshot Day in September 2010 and has agreed to exhibit some of their products, so you can try these out during the lunchtime period.  Annie was particularly attracted to  their range of tinted filter lenses.    Good sunglasses have always helped her a lot, but Mark explained that there are different colour tinted lenses for different conditions that can help people adapt to poor light, glare and bright lights.

The pdf  file you will find at this link gives you  the basic information and explains how the filters and lenses work.

The range of equipment and aids for vision impairment are also useful to explore – you do not have to be highly visually impaired before benefiting from these.  Some of them are inexpensive, and do seem to make a difference.

Do stop by Mark’s exhibition table to learn more about the equipment and get a demonstration.

Optima has also brought ‘Eccentric Viewing‘ from where it was developed in Sweden, to the UK.  It’s all about how to use the useful vision that you have, and making it work for you. They have worked with the Macular Disease Society to help train teachers in this technique so if you are interested in learning more about it, the Macular Disease Society may be able to help you find a local trainer.  The above link takes you to their website where you can find out more about the technique.

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