Fundraising for Birdshot research by running

Mchael Porath Petersen and Nic Ladha, friends of Rea Mattocks decided to raise money for Birdshot Research by running the Richmond Half Marathon in support of Birdshot Uveitis Society.  So far they have raised over over £1000 for Birdshot research and the money is still coming in.  Thank you so much.

Mikael and Nik before their half marathon run on 16th May

Nic owns a hair salon in Chiswick, and Mikael owns a Chiropractic surgery in Chiswick.

In addition, Mikael also held a fundraising day on Saturday, 15th May in his chiropractic surgery, where he gave half price sessions, and donated the money to BUS. This money  amount to about £300.

We would like to thank both Nic and Mikael for their support.  A lot of training and effort goes into preparing for half marathons, and we are so grateful to them both for finding the time to help us in this way.


The Birdshot Team




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