Humberside Local Birdshotter Group and Fundraising

Sue Bridge, a BUS member and a Birdshotter, is setting up a local group for people with Birdshot in the Humberside/Lincolnshire area. She had already set a date for the first meeting, but this had to be cancelled due to bad weather. She is now busy re-organising this first meeting.

Last weekend she and another Birdshotter set up a BUS stall at a local craft fair to advertise Birdshot and to raise money by selling hand made cards and crafts.

Below is a photograph of their stall – it really looks great. This is wonderful publicity for us – any opportunity we can get to help raise the profile of this rare disease helps us along the path of creating more interest and finding better treatments or a cure.

Many thanks Sue for your hard work. Any Birdshotters in the Lincolnshire, Humberside, Yorkshire wanting to attend the local group can email She is really keen to hear from you.


Sue Bridge sells cards at local craft fair

Sue Bridge sells her hand-made cards at a local craft fair for BUS




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