Humira formulation change

The formulation of Humira (adalimumab) prefilled pens and prefilled syringes is being changed. The changeover from the original formulation to the new formulation is being rolled out in different countries at different times.

Humira’s original formulation is known to cause stinging on injection. AbbVie, the makers, have been working on a new formulation to try to reduce this. They have removed citrate and some of the other extra ingredients from the original formulation used in the prefilled pens and prefilled syringes. This also means that the volume of liquid in each pen and syringe can be reduced, so the new formulation pens and syringes contain 40mg adalimumab in 0.4ml, compared with the original formulation pens and syringes which contain 40mg adalimumab in 0.8ml. The actual adalimumab dose in the new formulation pens and syringes is exactly the same as in the original formulation pens and syringes.

The situation as at February 2017 is:

UK: new formulation pens and syringes were introduced in July 2016 (the paediatric 40mg/0.8ml vials are still supplied in the original formulation).

US: original formulation is still in use: pens, syringes and paediatric vials.

Canada: original formulation is still in use: pens, syringes and paediatric vials. Launch of new formulation pens and syringes is planned for 2017.

Other countries: no information.

If birdshotters using Humira could let BUS know when their country changes over to the new formulation, we would be very grateful. We would also like to hear of your experiences with the new formulation, particularly if you have previously used the original formulation.

6 thoughts on “Humira formulation change

      • This is Norma in Dallas, TX. I was diagnosed 4/20/17. I am continuing Durezol and Alphagan drops until I’m approved for Humira. Honestly, I am scared about side effects. Can someone share their experiences with Humira. Please be candid, I can take it. Thanks.

    • I’ve just had my first shift via pen for over 18 months and I’ve noticed a huge difference. No pain at all to the point where I wasn’t sure if I’d injected correctly?! Must have because there’s no fluid anywhere and there’s a spot of blood and a slight itch where I did the shot. This is much better, I was so anxious! I’m in the UK and these are on the NHS.

  1. Ik gebruik nu 18 maanden humira injecties en de BS staat nu 7 maanden stil. Verder gebruik ik ook 5 mg prednisone tabletten en oogdruppels met prednisone om de dag 1 druppel.
    Het gebruik van Myfortic is 2 jaar en daar ben ik sinds half april 2017 mee moeten stoppen.
    Vanaf 1 mei 2017 ga ik met de nieuwe formule pennen Humira spuiten.
    Ik weet niet hoelang in Nederland dit al kan, ik moest eerst mijn oude injecties opmaken.
    Vriendelijke groeten,

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