Metformin – used for diabetes, but does it help uveitis?

Researchers from Texas University (Galveston Medical Branch) have discovered that Metformin, a drug used to treat diabetes, could help control inflammation in uveitis.

The researchers found that in laboratory rat and cell culture experiments, Metformin substantially reduced uveitis.

Even more excitingly, they found Metformin also prevented uveitis developing in rats. It seems that Metformin may have both preventive and therapeutic effects.  In short, Metformin inhibits the processes that cause inflammation.

This drug is already licensed and available for diabetes – it surely should not take too long for it to be trialed on uveitis?

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One thought on “Metformin – used for diabetes, but does it help uveitis?

  1. Unfortunately this has not been my experience.
    I have been taking metformin 500mg BD for the past 10 years for my diabetes, but I still developed what was eventually diagnosed as birdshot 3 yrs ago.Initially my vision deteriorated very quickly and after having the problem for 6 months was told that my vision was no longer sufficient for driving.Unfortunately even though I am still on metformin as well as cyclosporin and prednisalone my vision has continued to deteriorate.

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