New development

As the body ages so do the eyes and people start needing glasses for reading and driving.

“But now a new technique has come on the market which promises not only to restore our sight but also to make it better than before and get us seeing in high definition.

Where the light adjustable lens (LAL) differs from others is that because of the flexibility of its material, unpolymerised silicon, it can be adjusted after it has been placed in the eye – allowing eye surgeons to optimise vision.” takes you to an article on the BBC website which tells you about this new development in lens replacement surgery.

At the moment it is not available on the NHS but for all of us who are fed-up with having to wear reading glass it is an interesting new development which could be of use to many in the future.

If you have to have cataracts removed, because of the steroid treatment you have been on,  it could be something worth investigating.

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