Orphan drug status for GEVOKIZUMAB

Gevokizumab is a monoclonal antibody that shuts down inflammation brought on by a protein in our bodies called interleukin-1 beta.

The pharma that produces Gevokizumab has been focusing on diabetes but now, with the orphan drug status , it means that it will get financial help to trial the drug on non-infectious and pan uveitis.

We don’t know, at this stage, whether is will work on Birdshot, but it is exciting to see new drugs coming on to the market.  It is even more exciting to see pharmas getting orphan drug status for new medications.

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2 thoughts on “Orphan drug status for GEVOKIZUMAB

    • Lots of us are on a variety of different biologics. I have tried adalimumab with some success. For me, it is about having a variety of different medications in our arsenal, so that people have choices. One of the very strange things about Birdhsot is that no two people seem to respond to the same medication regimes in the same way – so, lots of choice has to help. Really good to hear from you. Would love to hear about your experiences if you have tried daclizumab.

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