Quality of Life follow-up questionnaire

Last week we sent out a very short follow-up quality of life questionnaire to participants of our 1st questionnaire who kindly gave us their email address to allow us to follow-up.

We’d really  like to see how things may have changed for you since undertaking the 1st survey.  We do hope that you will all complete this as soon as possible as it will provide helpful data to supplement the original data .

If you have not received the email with the link to the survey and you think you should have, please get in touch with me at annie@birdshot.org.uk so that I can resend the link to you.

Many thanks to all who have already completed it.  We do appreciate your continued help with this useful research.


One thought on “Quality of Life follow-up questionnaire

  1. still generally feel the same although i tend to hide it with work mates as i feel embarresed to talk about it, i tend to worry quite a lot about what the future holds, i get easily irritable and soon get down, i have real trouble sleeping or relaxing,i find keeping busy helps by taking my mind off it. thanks john

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