Carrots Night Walk Success

A group of Birdshotters and their friends took part in Friday night’s Carrots Night walk raising money towards future Birdshot research.    The walk was organised by the charity Fight for Sight.

BUS are pleased to announce that we will have raised at least £7,000, and probably more, thanks to all the generous support we have received from friends, family and supporters.    This is fantastic news for Birdshotters.   It means that we have made a good start towards helping to get some funding for future research into Birdshot in partnership with the much larger charity Fight for Sight.  Thanks so much to all our supporters and of course to all our walkers!!

It’s not too late to donate!


Lorraine leading the way for the Birdshot team of walkers

More photos of the some of the team and some of the sights from the walk are displayed in the Photo albums on the Birdshot facebook page.

Below a picture of Professor Peng Khaw, Director of Research and Development, Moorfields Eye Hospital and Director of the NIHR Specialist NIHR Moorfields Biomedical Research Centre, with Birdshot Uveitis Society founder members Rea, Adrian and Annie before the walk began.

Left to right – Adrian, Annie, Rea and Professor Peng Khaw

Birdshot walkers at the Carrots WAlk

Adrian checking on the map that we are on the right route! left to right, Mikael, Adrian, Lorraine and Monica

Some of the Birdshot walkers left to right: Rea, Adrian Lorraine, Monica, Sue, Sue, Avril, Chrissy, Lesley, Annie and Claudia


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