Inflammatory Eye Disease lecture

Professor Stephen Foster and Professor William Ayliffe  – Lecture on Inflammatory Eye Diseases – 24 March at 6.00 p.m.

This is a reminder that Professor William Ayliffe (a uveitis specialist and a Gresham College Professor) is giving a talk on ‘Inflammatory Eye Diseases’ at 6.30 p.m. on Wednesday 24 March 2010 at the Museum of London, London Wall, London EC2Y 5HN.

Professor Ayliffe has invited Dr/Professor Stephen Foster as a guest speaker.  Many of us with Birdshot know William Ayliffe as someone who has an interest in the disease and Stephen Foster as some-one who works very closely with patients and has undertaken research into Birdshot.  Stephen Foster is from Boston, USA, where he works at MERSI – the Massachusetts Eye Research and Surgery Institution, and has set up The Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Foundation which conducts research.

An extract from the Gresham College brochure states ‘From pioneering use of immunomodulation in the 20th century to biological therapies in the 21st century, Professor Foster will comprehensively describe the current and future status of managing these terrible diseases.’  The lecture normally lasts about an hour.

We have heard Stephen Foster and Will Ayliffe talk on numerous occasions, and they are both inspiring (and care deeply about people with Birdshot).  The lecture is free, and is attended by a mix of members of the public, student medics and health professionals.  They are always great value, and we always learn something from them.  This is your opportunity to hear directly from two world renowned experts on uveitis.

We are also planning a ‘get-together’ for any people with Birdshot and/or BUS members planning to attend the event – we will be in a nearby pub from 5.00 p.m. until the start of the lecture, wearing our Birdshot T shirts so we are easily recognisable.  We can also adjourn to the pub (where they serve good food) after the lecture.  Hopefully, we can up-date you on the proposed Birdshot Patients Day in September, and any other issues you want to talk about.  It is also your opportunity to meet other people with Birdshot.  We may also get a chance to talk directly to Will Ayliffe and Stephen Foster after the lecture!  They have been notified that we are planning to attend, and have promised to let the audience know about the Birdshot Uveitis Society.

Please email us at to let us know if you are attending, so we can look out for you.  If you let us know, we will e mail you with details of the pre and post lecture venue (the pub).  Some of you have already let us know, and we will email you with the details.  If any Birdshot person/BUS member wants to come from a distance and needs somewhere to stay, Rea may be able to put you up, so please email to the Birdshot email address to discuss.

Rea and Annie

Date: Wednesday 24th March.  Time: 6.00pm  Venue: London Museum

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