Birdshot Voices

Dr Tracy Craggs has been listening to people talk about sensitive issues for the past 20 years, including asking Holocaust survivors and members of the armed forces to share their experiences. Her interviews have been used for a variety of educational purposes. She was delighted to be asked to attend our recent Birdshot Day No 3 and listen to some of our attendees talk about their lives since diagnosis.

Birdshot graphic designer David Bethell, has been doing the editing and putting them into a presentable format. David will be adding more when they are ready. It’s very enlightening to listen to each individuals story.

The interviews are with:-

  • 5 members of BUS, living with birdshot
  • 1 partner of someone with birdshot
  • Health professionals, treating the condition
  • Exhibitors at the Birdshot Day
  • and Friends of BUS

There are further interviews from our first Birdshot day held in September 2010  which might also be of interest.