The instructions for joining the forum

8 people now registered on the forum, apart from Rea and Me, with us, thats 10,  and one of the people who has just joined is newly diagnosed, so she is waiting to hear from some of you who have lived with Birdshot for a bit, not just Rea or me!    We’d be grateful if you could sign in and let her know that there are others out there living with it….

Following on from that, I have  just had an email from someone who is having a problem registering and signing in.  It is a separate process registering on the forum.  Once you are registered, you have to sign in.  You can tick the box to leave you signed on if you want, but that means others who have access to your computer will be able to see the forum you are chatting on.

Any way the detailed instructions are as follows:

Click the logo on the right of the page.  (This takes you to registration, not log-on.)

Read the registration rules, or scroll to the bottom of them.

Click the box which says   “I agree to these terms”

Type in the information requested.

This is user name;

email address

repeat of  email  address


Repeat of password

And then answer the “spambot”  question.  for example if it says 4 x 3  what you have to do is type in 12

2+2  you type in 4

use numbers

Then click submit.

Then a message will come up saying that you will have to authorised.

This may take a little while since, but we want to include this additional security, to prevent unwelcome visitors which will cause more work in the long run.

If you ran into difficulties and you want us to register you on the forum,  we are happy to do this.  We can allocate you a password which you can then change to one you can remember.

NB  The Log-in is on the left at the top of the page.

Good luck, and please let me know if these instructions are still not clear.

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