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Ocular Inflammatory Disease – Nutrition & Acupuncture

A lot of our members believe that it is worth eating an anti-inflammatory diet in the hope  that it might improve the inflammation found in their eyes. Rea discovered this presentation (above) some months ago, and I decided to give George Mandler a call the other day, to find out a little more.

George Mandler is a nutrition specialist, who got interested in uveitis because he had a number of patients with the condition. This is the slide presentation that he used at a support group meeting at the well-known  MERSI Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Foundation.

For those of you  who are interested we thought we would like to share this presentation with you.  It gives you a number of pointers and leads.

Mr Mandler said that there is conclusive research that shows real benefit for patients with rheumatoid arthritis who follow an anti-inflammatory diet. He also said that acupuncture can definitely reduce pressure in the eyes.

This of course is pretty easy to test, so if any of you are suffering from eye pressure, you might like to see if acupuncture can help you, as well as the usual eye drops.

“I tried acupuncture myself a few years back when I wasn’t being treated. The problem I found was finding a well qualified acupuncture close to where I live.  The man I saw did not think that acupuncture would help my eyes much. But then I didn’t have  an eye pressure problem. I would imagine, that even if you have a good acupuncturist and it does work, you will need to have regular sessions, presumably for ever.” Annie

BUS would never, ever advise you to stop medication – nor would we ever advise you that acupuncture is a ‘cure’, but we do know that there is a lot of evidence around that acupuncture is beneficial – but we do advise you to always discuss any alternative and complementary treatments you seek with your consultant, just in case there are any contra-indications. Having said that, there are a number of complementary and alternative methods that people have tested out and work for those individuals. You will remember we posted about saffron recently. Again, there is evidence to suggest that saffron does help your vision. It is well worth viewing the information attached – the more knowledge you have, the better equipped you are to be in control of your Birdshot, rather than letting it control you!

Annie and Rea

3 thoughts on “Nutrition and Acupuncture

  1. Very interesting info. I hadn’t read about the saffron. I first started taking OPC3 by Isotonics. It is supposed to be an anti-inflammatory. I have noticed that I have increased energy and I really feel good on it. It comes in powder mix it with water. I also bought the calcium. It is also suppose to decrease pain Reagrds Marsha

  2. Hi! I am using products from Isagenix. Their full body nutritional cleanse gently removes toxins from the body and reduces internal inflammation. My eye specialist did not encourage or discourage….he admitted he did not know much about internal inflammation. But I KNOW about it and am doing everything I can including eating alkalinizing foods.
    It just makes sense!

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