Vitamin B1

We came across an article about Vitamin B1 and how it might be helpful in treating common cause of blindness.

“According to a research team led by an Indian origin scientist, vitamin B1 can be effective in treating common cause of blindness. The scientists claimed that supplementation of a particular type of vitamin B1 known as benfotiamene can significantly treat uveitis, which causes blindness in human eyes. Uveitis is a malady that causes inflammation of the tissue located just below the outer surface of the eyeball. If the disease is not treated properly, it can cause blindness.

The scientists of University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston conducted their experiment on rats. The laboratory rats were injected with bacterial toxins that cause inflammatory disorder just like uveitis. After that, the rats were given the supplementation of benfotiamene and interestingly their body resisted all kinds of inflammation. According to the Indian origin scientist Kota V. Ramana, benfotiamene has the ability to suppress eye inflammation.

Ramana explained that benfotiamene actually suppresses the activation of a crucial signalling molecule called NF-kappa B, which causes inflammation. According to him, the new findings will contribute to the development of new therapy for the widespread eye disease called uveitis. The findings of the study were published in the Journal Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science.”

This sounds an interesting cheap and non-toxic idea, if it works in humans!

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