Ability Net

If you struggle with your computer because of your visual problems I definitely recommend you visit Ability Net  and follow the links about My computer My way. They cover the following topics:

  • Why customizing a computer is important
  • Vision – help with seeing your screen
  • Hearing – help with hearing sounds and audio
  • Motor – help with keyboard and mouse difficulties

What is more if you are visually disabled Ability Net will help you set up your computer (free of charge) so you can use it more effectively and you don’t have to buy a load of expensive equipment to do this.  There are lots of simple things that can be done to help.


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  1. I also meant to also say that if you type in “free software on the Ability Net site there is a long list of software that comes up, including zoom software, and software that will change the colour of your screen, so you can easily modify your computer to help make it easier for you to use.

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