70th Birthday raises nearly £850 for Birdshot Research

Many, many thanks to BUS member Hamamelis/Opodeldoc for using the opportunity of her 70th birthday to fund-raise for BUS. She kindly organised three celebration parties for neighbours, family, friends and ex-work colleagues, and asked for donations for Birdshot Research in lieu of the presents that one normally receives. The plan was a great success and everyone had a jolly good time. As a result of the generosity of all the party-goers, BUS has received donations worth almost £850. We’d like to thank Hamamelis/Opodeldoc for doing this, and we are delighted to have benefited from her magnificent efforts. Who would have thought that you just had to have a birthday to raise this kind of money?

Thank you so much – we suspect that organising three parties was quite a lot of work, but well worth the effort, and of course it all helps to educate people about our eye condition.

Thank you so much

Team Birdshot


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