Carrots NightWalk 2014

BUS is delighted to announce that we are once again a partner charity involved in the Fight for Sight Carrots NightWalks. These fun night-time sponsored walks are helping to raise thousands of pounds for research to prevent sight loss and to treat eye disease. Fight for Sight small grants awards have already benefited birdshot research.This is the third Carrots NightWalk in which BUS has taken part.  As a result of the last two walks, three exciting projects are being funded. The details of the projects can be found here. Research is the key to the prevention of sight loss and we are delighted to be working towards more jointly funded research projects as a result of this excellent fundraising initiative. Please support the 2014 NightWalk by taking part or by sponsoring the walkers.

This year, the walks are taking place in five cities across the UK: Birmingham, Bristol, London, and Glasgow.

The dates of the 2014 Carrots NightWalks are:

  • London – Friday 19th September 2014
  • Birmingham, Bristol and Glasgow – Friday 26th September 2014

Anyone can be a Carrots NightWalker. For those wanting a real challenge, there’s a 15-mile walk which takes in each city’s iconic landmarks. If that sounds too challenging, there’s an equally scenic 6-mile route which has proved popular with families.

Sight is the sense that people value the most, yet it’s often taken for granted. Walkers will take in some of Britain’s most spectacular night-time sights, reminding themselves and others just how much the ability to see is valued.

This year we’d love it if we could field teams of walkers for each of the cities involved. Ideally, we would like to have teams of at least six to ten people walking in each of the locations. Each team member should try to raise at least £250. This is ambitious, so please ask friends and family if they would like to join us.

If you want to walk for Team Birdshot this September:

Please do get in touch with BUS and tell us. Entry is £25.00 per person. Children walk free of charge. We will email you an entry form to complete.

Anyone who signs up before the end of May will receive a special ‘Team Birdshot’ Carrots NightWalk t-shirt!

If you need help setting up your online fundraising page and want information about birdshot to put on it, we will be happy to help.

Please join the Team Birdshot NightWalkers – contact us today!


One thought on “Carrots NightWalk 2014

  1. Hi,
    I think the planned walk(s) are fantastic and a great way to raise money for ‘birdshot’.
    I wanted to know if there are other walks, in the US? If so, maybe I could go, in the near future. I live in Walnut Creek, California, USA. I was diagnosed in 2010 _ And…are there a large population of people with ‘birdshot’ in the UK? Thanks for your time, Sincerely, Linda

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