MP Fabian Hamilton asks should Humira be prescribed for sight threatening uveitis?

The subject of access to Humira and Infliximab was brought to the political arena this week, Wednesday 9th December 2015. Leeds North East MP Fabian Hamilton, who is campaigning on behalf of uveitis sufferer Samara Ullmann tabled a debate which asked the Government’s Life Sciences Minister George Freeman to consider asking the NHS to prescribe Humira.

One of the country’s leading eye specialists at Calderdale Royal hospital in Halifax, Mr Teifi James, has recommended it for Samara – who is already blind in her left eye – however so far NHS England decided not to allow its prescription.

This same issues applies to a few Birdshot Uveitis Society members who desperately need to find a drug they can tolerate and that works to save their sight. NHS England is currently denying them access to Humira and Infliximab.

The below link takes you to the debate and you can listen to the relevant portion of the debate debate if  you select the option on the right side ” Prescription of anti-TNF’s”


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